Ugandan students enhance university services and create jobs

When RENU was asked to take part in the preparation of a video that highlights the concrete impact of AfricaConnect1 and 2 in the areas of youth development, learning skills, knowledge, job creation and digitalisation, they were more than delighted to participate.

One of the objectives of RENU is to ensure that member R&E institutions fully benefit from the connectivity enhancement and associated services for supporting R&E collaboration that was ushered in by the AfricaConnect project, resulting in much more affordable regional and international R&E connectivity. RENU believed that this video, featuring the Kyambogo University case study, would be an effective platform to demonstrate the benefits that students receive from Research & Education connectivity in Uganda.

The video tells the story of how students at Kyambogo University in Uganda put their skills to good use building an application to improve services… and create jobs along the way. When they were frustrated with long lines, complex bureaucracy and inefficient systems, this group of software development and data management students developed an application that not only optimised administrative processes and enhanced the learning experience at the university; it was the foundation of their start-up company, ZEENODE, which created jobs for themselves and the wider community.

The founders of ZEENODE are grateful to RENU for the instrumental role they played in their success. RENU is a premier partner in the company. Engineer Isaac Kasana, RENU CEO, notes that the founding of ZEENODE is an excellent example of how RENU is fulfilling its mission to serve as a catalyst for innovation, enhance education delivery and equip Uganda’s youth with the tools they need to create a better future for themselves and their country. RENU is a member of the AfricaConnect2 Project and Ubuntunet Alliance (UA).

RENU is proud to have participated in bringing this inspiring story to life and believes it will help open a new dialogue on how to improve and facilitate affordable access to ICT-enabled global information, knowledge and research resources for R&E institutions – so they can equip the youth, and all Ugandans, to make a difference in a digitalised world.

Published: 12/2017

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