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Education Networks | In The Field

Enhancing weather monitoring in Africa: Ghana first

Meteorology AfricaConnect3 WACREN (West + Central Africa)

Weather monitoring and forecasting is crucial for sectors such as agriculture, energy, transportation, and disaster management.

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Digital relief for UK teachers

Education Jisc (United Kingdom)

Jisc, the NREN of UK, is working with startup company TeacherMatic to bring relief to teachers across the country through artificial intelligence.

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Collaboration strengthens Australia’s geodetic capabilities

Earth Observation Technology AARNet (Australia)

Position, navigation and timing services rely on geodetic data, such as how fast the Earth is spinning and the tilt of its axis, collected from observatories around the globe.

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Welcome to the world of research & education networks

National and regional research & education networks, traverse our planet, providing ultra high-speed connectivity and tailor-made services that underpin scientific discovery, foster global collaborations and unlock access to education. This blog features fascinating stories from around the world about people and projects empowered by these networks to make a difference.

Why research & education networks?

South Africa: coping during power outages

How an NREN is intensifying its efforts to mitigate the consequences of scheduled, rolling electricity outages for its connected institutions.

Forecasting glacier outburst floods

A European project will enable the prediction of flooding from glaciers that threaten settled areas and infrastructure.

Extending the reach of eduroam to more airports: Bangladesh and South Africa

eduroam - the free Wi-Fi roaming service for the international research and education community - is available at more than 30 airports around the globe, with deployments at airports in Bangladesh and South Africa among the latest.

Bridging the digital divide in Uganda

Solar-powered internet routers will deliver an internet access solution like no other and create new opportunities for research and education.

Helping a community stay connected after record floods

When floods inundated the city of Lismore Australia, Southern Cross University became a hub for the town, using AARNet to provide connectivity for recovery efforts.

Space tech assists environmental efforts in the Arab region

Simulations of sand dune movements is just one of many examples of how space technology can help the region to protect its environment.