Connecting 40.000 university students

Meet Emmanuel Togo, the mastermind behind delivering wireless connectivity to 40.000 students at the University of Ghana. Creating easy wireless connectivity for everybody on campus improves the quality of education, speeds up communication and makes it easier to access digital resources both on and off campus.

As the University of Ghana is the largest in the country and its campus is the size of a small town, you need to plan well and build a strong and scalable infrastructure to serve the needs of the 40.000 students and 6000 staff populating the campus.

Emmanuel Togo, one of the founding members of the research and education network of Ghana, GARNET, is an expert in providing affordable but powerful wifi covering a large area. He and his colleagues have succeeded in building a strong and reliable wifi infrastructure with 200+ access points. In addition to that, at a price of 80-100 dollars per access point the campus wifi has been surprisingly cheap to install.

Above you can watch a video with Emmanuel Togo explaining the development of the University of Ghana wireless network.

In addition to that, for in-depth information about designing, implementing, and maintaining low-cost wireless networks, please take a look at the free book ”Wireless Networking in the Developing World”.

Emmanuel Togo is one of the book’s contributors to the book.

Published: 11/2016

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