Asian connectivity growing stronger

Countries all over the world establish new, dedicated connectivity for research and education, step by step creating a truly global research and education network. Including Asia, where Bhutan and Cambodia now plug into the networks, choosing video conferencing and e-learning to drive local commitment and development.

Mountainous country

Remote Bhutan is a small country in the Himalayas. The advantages of video conferencing are obvious in a country with a population of about 700.000 stretched out over 38.394 sq km of mountainous country. So, video conferencing will be one of the key services offered by new Bhutan research and education network DrukREN, when fully operational in September 2016.

DrukREN will be connecting hospitals, colleges, and the country’s two universities, the Royal University and the University of Medical Sciences. Next in line to get high-grade connectivity are a number of research institutes,

Next in line to get high-grade connectivity are a number of research institutes, museums and schools. Along with video conferencing and e-learning, DrukREN management is also looking into making Eduroam, the secure roaming access developed for the international research and education community, available across the DrukREN infrastructure.

E-learning is also the key service offered by Cambodian research and education network CamREN. In 2015, CamREN succeeded in connecting 5 institutions to the network: The Institute of Technology, University of Health and Science, National University of Management, Royal University of Culture and Fine Arts and School of Fine Arts of Cambodia.

English and Khmer

The CamREN network-based services are mainly state-of-the art E-learning materials in both English and Khmer. The network offers courses in chemical, electrical and energy engineering and computer science, together with access to an extensive e-library.

Both the Bhutan and the Cambodian networks are connected to the international research and education community through the Trans-Eurasia Information Network TEIN.

Above: Sonam Wangmo, Senior Research and Communications Officer for the Royal University of Bhutan under the Office of the Vice Chancellor, speaks about the efforts to build a research and education network in the region (Video: The Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), Internet2 and University of Oregon)

Published: 08/2016

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